Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my father in law!!!!!!! I made this card for him. loved the way it turned out.

I started by using The Crafter's Workshop Diamond template and inked 4 diamonds. (the ink was from KNK's June kit. Gerri-anne also has the diamonds template in the mall. :D)
I then moved the template over lining up with one of the diamonds I had already inked. I repeated this across the piece of cardstock.I then used the template to line up and ink any missing diamonds. After I was done stamped over the diamonds using a script background stamp. I then matted the cardstock piece on a card and embellished a little. Loved the Masculine look of the card. and my Father Loved it. (he said so ;) ) Did you do any scrapping over the weekend?? I did I started a Christmas present for my grandmother. (yes I said a Christmas present!!!!) and did 2 other layouts :D and a card and some organizing!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have I ever mentioned I love Glimmer Mist

Glimmer Mist is so Fun. It can be used to dye lace doilies (including those inexpensive paper ones….I have also used it on the KI Lace and used the Lace as a mask.

and of course my all time favorite use is to dye lace. buy lots of white and cream lace and spritz with Glimmer Mist and and instant colored lace :D

A Special Thanks to KNK for letting me share this technique.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am having an Energy Crisis and Fun with Glimmer Mist

He Has energy and I don't. look at him full of energy ! ALways! But honestly the girls are always full of energy too! and Hoestly I wouldnt have it any other way.

2 blogs have inspired me Lately to try something new!!!! Pez a Doodle shares a techinique on creating Scrath and Sniff cards. What a fun card this would make for kids!! Even some Adults I know ! Cant wait to try this!

FORK BOWS at Stampin with DI Looks so fun a the tutorial is awesome!

As Far as things I have been working on. I teamed up with JULES (see my blog roll on the left) to show off some creative ways to use Glimmer Mist for KNK . Here is some fun work with Glimmer Screens. Gerri-Anne Has all the supplies you need to create this available in the mall at KNK :D

I love the glimmer screens which work much like a mask.

Since the Glimmer Mist is a wetter medium than ink your screen must bes stuck down well to your project area.

I used a stencil adhesive I got at Hobby Lobby. It is a rub on similar to a large glue pen. This adhesive is designed to hold stencils on walls while stenciling. I would think that spray temporary adhesive would work as well.

After the adhesive set up, I placed it on my project. (I did stamp the project first with a dye ink)


You can see how wet this is. You can either heat set or let it dry. Heat setting with a heat gun can help prevent the paper from curling. It would be helpful to blot the screen slightly before lifting. Here is the finished product

And here is another example

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday is Play Day

I usually try and get all assignments and kit work done on Saturday. and leave Sunday for a play day for me. whether its playing with a new supply or a new technique. Today I decided to play with flock and glitter. (Note to self heat glue better.. be patient lol) I used a Hambly transparency and made it into a card and then stamped on the transparency and added the flock. The flower is coated with glitter and of course there is my favorite threading water Fiskars punch! Hope you had a scrappy weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Boys

I loved this picute!!!! (still do) just look at the Joy on their faces!!!!! This was actually done for a blog challenge to use a paper ruffle. I had never done this. To make it even harder on myself I choose Basic Grey and KI Lace (papers I soooooo love to collect but have trouble using :D ) In the end I liked the result! So What is up in your world today? Scrappy Plans? Anyone? Anyone? I have some assignments to finish. Dont forget if you are looking for an awesome Kit check out KNk.

Congrats to DEB she is KNK's Guest Designer this month! and wowsa her work rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a sketch to play with

Not much going on today. waiting for some goodies to come in the mailfor an assignment :D and I had a HAPPY email!!!!!!!!! (which means I have an upcoming publication) love it when I get those emails! :D So I have decided to share another sketch with you :D. Let me
THis could be used with a 4x6 photo or a 5x7 photo or even 4 smaller photos in place of the large photo. please share if you use this sketch. have a great day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing around in photobucket

I started with this picture. I love old metal and its look in photos. This was an ok photo bu by no means an outstanding photo. I started messing around in photobucket's editing area and look what I did! Looks very artistic. (in my opinion) I just love it and can't wait to try it out on other photos!!!!!!!

I am also on a quest!!!!!!!! looking for a white journaling pen! My beloved white sharpie (ultra fine tip) has withered away to nothing. I have tried the fine tip and just too fat! I have tried the Sakura one and got it to work ...... one time :( (am I doing something wrong?) Jules recommended that I try the white Signo so I ordered one. anyone out there know of the perfect white pen?? or where I can get another ultra fine white sharpie???

Monday, June 16, 2008

CHeck out the lastest KNK Kit

this kit is soo yummy! and the addons are to die for!!! you can order the KNK Kit here.

I can't wait to show you what I created!!!!! and while you are there Gerri-anne has a rockin' collection of Petaloo flowers I mean look at these..
and they come in tons of colors. and there are paper ones, velvet ones, lots of flowers. On the home front only 4 games this week and only one each night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is Easy. we can eat together as a family instead of pretzels at the ball fields!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

how about a sketch!

just for fun! let me know if you use this sketch . Pretty please? Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Making JumpRopes

One of the fun spontaneous moments in our vacation was a side trip to the Barron County Pioneer museum. Antiques everywhere! But they have it all set up into a mini pioneer village! One of the things the kids enjoyed was making jump ropes. yep they had to crank the wheel 45 times in one direction at one end then go to the other end and crank the wheel 45 times again!

This gentleman was so friendly giving us detailed descriptions of all the items on display! Not much else going on today except work! and daydreaming about KNK's July Kit! It is soo yummy! Got 2 layouts done with it already! :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How was the fishing??

This picture just about sums it up! This was our day's catch for several of the days!!! NO keepers. In all all week we only have 24 keepers. The weather had just been too cold! But we did have FUN! and I caught a tagged fish. When we took the tag in we found out it was worth $500!!!!!! That meant that we all got our picture taken for the local newspaper. Now only I can go on vacation, win $$$$ and get my picture taken for the local newspaper. $500...That's a lot of scrap supplies *wink* Actually most of it is going to pay for the vacation! but I promised myself a cricut cartridge now which one ....hmmmmmm any suggestions?????
and lest you think we left Alex at home. Here is a picture of him enjoying the ride with Jim in the background!
Since we have been home we have had 3 softball games, 1 game was rained out, a softball meeting and 2 more games tonight and 3 more after those yet this week! I am ready for the weekend!!!!!! I need some scrap time!!!! I have this new July KNK Kit sitting on my desk and it is gorgeous and I need to play with it!!!! I have sooo many ideas running thru my head for it!!!! Crossing my fingers that I don't lose them when scrapping time comes! and I just saw on Vicki Chrisman's blog the CHA sneak peek for GLIMMER MIST. New Screens, new Chips, New Colors!!!!! Yummy!!!!!! I NEED THEM!!!!! Gerri-anne does have an awesome stock the current chips and color and screens at KNK. Check them out. and don't forget to check out Jules and I are doing a week long Glimmer Mist Technique in the KNK CAFE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarah enjoying vacation

This year up north was not the best for Sarah. The season was off from what it normally is and I think she had a touch of a cold on top of it. Every year we bring the nebulizer for her asthma and we haven't needed it. Until this year! I got a little worried because she was needing her inhaler every four hours and and sometimes a little sooner. so she had a rough asthma week. Here she was tired and spread out for a nap! Her main fish stories involved having the magic touch when the fish weren't biting. All she had to do on Wednesday was touch the pole and the fish bit! She also is known for naming Jim's Huge Northern that almost made it in the boat! upon seeing it break the water she ran to the other end of the boat screaming ITS AN ALLIGATOR!!!!!!! which of course freaked out Meagan and Alex and had me laughing so hard!!!
In other news! I got it my July Kit from KNK. and didn't wait long to cut into it :D
Well Vacation is over and back to work. bummer!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Meagan Caught a Sea Monster on Vacation

well at least that is what she thought it was. She snagged this 2 pound large mouth bass out of a Snag and she jumped when that bass jumped out of the water. When she got into the boat i tried to get a picture but she refused to hold that thing!
Today Jules and I start our Glimmer Mist Week at KNK. All Week long we will be featuring different was of using Glimmer Mist! Check it out in the KNK CAFE

AND THE NEWS I PROMISED BEFORE I LEFT! Today is a big day!!! My Blog is being featured by SCRAPBOOKING.COM! SO if you are visiting please leave me a little note to say hi! I love that stuff *wink wink*

Sunday, June 08, 2008

We are Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always sad to see vacation end. but thinking Wisconsin wanted us out of there. the weather chased us all the way home. every time we went through a town within 15minutes or so a storm warning went up! Scariest moments were watching an anvil cloud out the window and praying we where going to by pass it!

the week was great. the fish were not biting that well :(. But we did come home with a few fish stories!!!!!! which I will share later once my vacation brain is back to normal...... but a quick summary... it involves sea monsters, alligators, cash, and getting our pics taken for the local paper :D