Tuesday, January 30, 2007


and had to go to a meeting out of town. which was ok cuz I got home early! But we get there and find out the President is coming to town. SO EVERY road to the hospital we were going to was blocked. For security reasons we had to find a way there that did not involve going over or under overpasses. Well in a downtown portion of a CIty that can be challenging.

While I was away it seems that the CSS boards were very active and the those PEPSI drinkers were causing trouble!!!!!!

PUPPY UPDATE: Charlie seems to be adapting well to our household and he and Lou are wrestling as I type. The funniest thing Charlie does right now is regularly de-pants Alex *SHOCK* he just grabs ahold of those flannel jammie pants and pulls! I haven't yet caught a picture of it! on our agenda for tonight is Volleyball practice, supper laundry and hopefully a little rest. Gotta wrap some b-day presents for Sarah who turns 10 on Friday! And Sunday we are having a bday party/superbowl party for the family! GO BEARS!!!!!!

Store Update: I know Carman and Marcie and Christi are working feverishly trying to get everything ready! I am trying to be patient. but I like ordering goodies! Soon! I did just get some Doodlebug Frills in the mail today and Can't wait to try those out! and another cuttlebug embossing folder! Still trying to figure out Keri's technique for inking those just right!

oh well until tomorrow................

Monday, January 29, 2007

Home Sick today

because I can't talk. Feeling better than yesterday tho so thats a good thing! this picture is a picture of my boys. needless to say if I wanted to rest to get over this cold i should have went to work!

Left to Right are Lou, Alex (the red head real boy), and Charlie

not sure what we were thinking he is adorable but we just got alex potty trained now we have to train Charlie. If you are reading this be sure to leave me a little note so I know who is out there. pretty please???

Sunday, January 28, 2007

guess what came to our house today??

A new puppy. The animal shelter contact Jim
yesterday to say they had a beagle pup nad were we interested. not sure if he is staying yet. he and Lou are busy tearing up the house. No name yet! the kids are estastic and the noise level has increased tenfold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wahoo I got to Scrap today

I have had several layouts in progress in my head all week. Then woke up with a NASTY head cold yesterday. Still feel rather YUCKY. But I got to play a little-online and in the scrap room.

Got an All About ME lo done and a circle lo done. I also got to use my cuttlebug embossing folders. These are too awesome! And they work in my sizzix like a dream!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a card I made.. simple but very cute.
Can't wait to try out some more of these. Not sure why I bought the cats but they are cute! Be sure to be checking in daily at http://www.creativescrapshack.com/ for the latest! And register and complete my challenge for a chance for a RAK! Til tomorrow....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

WAHOO TODAY is the DAY!!!!

The Site is Open!!!!!!!!! Come Check out the Creative Scrap Shack!!!! at http://www.creativescrapshack.com/index.html Come one come all! Tell your friends. The store isn't quite ready yet but Carman is working furiously to get product in for us all to enjoy! But the forums are up and so is the gallery!!!!!!!! and of course there is my Monthly Page Maps Sketch challenge! Watch for lots of fun exciting things coming your way!

Happy Birthday Mom

This week in January we have 3 birthdays- my sister's, my mom's(today), and my niece's tomorrow. Then Sarah 's is next week! busy busy busy! Anyway, its THURSDAY, which means it one day closer to Friday and 1 day closer to the weekend. I am so dying to scrap. I have 5-6 layouts swirling around in my mind! Pics are printed, journaling is done-just need some time! and WOW Carman's Site is getting close and you all are gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to share the name and site addy with ya. but my mouth and typing fingers have been bound (by myself) with duct tape. all I can tell you is you Won't be Disappointed! well Meagan has another game tonite they are undefeated. I am hoping it stays that way. they are playing a bigger school tonight! I will try and post some pics this weekend. well I am gonna wake the kiddies and frost a cake and then leave for work!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday lil sis!

Happy Birthday to my lil sister Teri! :) Volleyball game again tonite and I get to go watch. have my camera ready hoping to get some good shots! Not much else going on. feeling kinda creative today but stuck at work (yes I am using lunch time to type this) Made a card last night using some yummy chatterbox papers. green and purples yummy! Not much going on as the its just the same old stuff daily. Can't wait I have an order coming any day now for some cuttlebug embossing folders. They work in my sizzix machine. Keri has been making some awesome cards with these and I wanted to try them out. plus I think I needed an ordering fix!

here is keri's blog hopefully she has some posted....(I think the swirls ones are the embossing folders)


Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Monday

Well its Monday. Meagan has a volleyball game tonight. Jim is going I am picking up Sarah and Alex and gonna do laundry. Looks like new site is coming along WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to create some new goodies to share. Of course I am feeling more inspired today now that I am at work and can't play. I did one lo yesterday. lots of doodling. Kinda high school year book-ish. gotta a few more ideas floating around. now to jsut find time to put them together! Maybe a sickday from work???? I can't wait to see the new store and the goodies! my ordering finger is twitching! well thats all for now! BTW check out Pam's lo featuring a cartoon of her and her hubby! http://pams-passion.blogspot.com/

Sunday, January 21, 2007

DA BEARS is going to DA SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!

wahooo!!!! go bears! my hubby called me from the game!!!!!!!!!! Our neighbor has seaosn tickets and got him 1 extra ticket! We finally got a little snow. but not the 3-5 they were predicting only about 1 - 2 inches. was wonderful tho. We came home from church and someone had shovel my sidewalks and driveway. Still not sure who. I am assuming on of the neighbors. Jim helped the whole neighborhood dig out from the December snow storm. So maybe someone was repaying the favor. I was just thrilled the kids and I didn't have to do it. Things seem to be moving along at the new site. I am getting very nervous though. fearing my mojo is gonna leave me. Think I am trying too hard. oh well. so far this weekend 3 los, the faith card I posted yesterday and maybe I can finish up this other card. time to do the Sunday night stuff-TiVo Desperate Housewives, check over homework, make sure kiddies have showers, pick up house (again)!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

well its Saturday

Its Saturday. and we are under a snow advisory. Hoping for some snow so I can get some snow pictures! I love scrapping snow pictures. Got 2 layouts done today but you all are gonna have to wait a little while to see them. :) I did a card for a church friend. Well its sort of a card. Its full of Bible verses for her. She is going through cancer treatments and I felt lead to make it for her. Here is a picture of it...Not much else going on here. Suppose I should think of something for dinner. Tomorrow I am gonna try and scrap some more.

Friday, January 19, 2007

In a perfect world

In a perfect my sweet Sarah wouldn't have to spend half of the night up coughing, and I wouldn't be at work worrying about her coughing at school. This is a layout I did a while back for a BusyBees contest to describe "In a Pefect World." Just sitting here at work (shhh! I am finishing out my lunch hour) worrying about her. it reminded me of this layout, so I thought I would share it with whoever is reading this! Heard great news, I am set to use the sketches as planned for the new DT. I am so pumped for this. I know I am probably driving the owner nuts *wink*. Gonna try and get some scrapping done this weekend. Have some cards I would like to make. And I am gonna try using some of the sketches. Well Lunch is over so back to work....Thanks to whoever is reading this...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


very busy at work today. Two meetings so far, auditors are here and lots of my staff are at a conference or sick. but thankfully a normal night at home. Only one after school activity (Sarah has Girl Scouts) and she just stays after school and I pick her up when I get back into town from work. So my dilema do I cook supper or order pizza??? Looking forward to the weekend so I can scrap and maybe organize a little bit. My scrap area needs a good purging but I don't have the heart to do it. Gonna have allow dds to play with some of my stuff! Working on my DT bio. and pic (YUCK!) I hate pictures of me. But have a few I can convert to Black and White and we will see. Need to make or buy 3 birthday cards for next week. And I need to plan Sarah's 10th birthday party. sadly her birhtday weekend is not only Super Bowl Sunday but also her sisters volleyball tournament, so gotta find a date..did a few sketches while I was in my meeting at work this am to keep from falling asleep. Is there a program out there that people use to do these sketches??? anyone ?anyone? well thats all for now my stomach is growling and ready for lunch

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a new day

Well lets just say the volleyball game didn't go as planned. Hoping that I can keep Meagan interested enough to tough it out for at least 1 more week before wanting to quit. I got a few pics but mostly of her friends. church tonight and I have lots to be thankful for. Still so excited about the Design team opportunity. But I have NO patience. chomping at the bit wanting to scrap and create! hopefully some quality scrapbookin will be coming my way this weekend! Not sure why I keep updating this BLOG as noone reads it but hopefully it will make a good journal. all in all just want to say how proud I am of my daughter Meagan for sticking it out in volleyball so far! Here is a recent lo showing her cavaliar attitude!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well I did it

I accepted the design team position and I am still walking on cloud 9. I was actually afraid to wake up this am and think it was all a dream. I can't wait to hear more and everything that she has planned and meet my fellow members.

I am soo excited, tonight is Meagan's 1st volleyball game (the team's 2nd but the 1st she gets to play in). Got my camera setting on my desk waiting to get some pictures. Hoping for some good ones.

Monday, January 15, 2007

OK I am not very good at this BLOG thing

As you can see I can't even remeber to keep it updated. A friend asked me a question today.... if I had ever considered being on a DT? and I want tooo sooo bad. Worried about maybe not being able to do it all! Work in magaement, raise 3 kids, be a wife, keep up the house....blah blah blah plus there is this need to excel at everything I do. or at least be the best I can be. but yeah I want to!!!!!!! If I can manage everything...

here are a few of my latest works.......

my new checkbook cover....

and a layout i did for a contest at Busybeesscrapbooking.com

Thanks for looking!