Monday, January 29, 2007

Home Sick today

because I can't talk. Feeling better than yesterday tho so thats a good thing! this picture is a picture of my boys. needless to say if I wanted to rest to get over this cold i should have went to work!

Left to Right are Lou, Alex (the red head real boy), and Charlie

not sure what we were thinking he is adorable but we just got alex potty trained now we have to train Charlie. If you are reading this be sure to leave me a little note so I know who is out there. pretty please???


Jeanyjo said...

I always leave ya a note hehehe But hey you have more then 1 that reads yours LOL you are my only one LOL. But I do it just for you hehehehehh I really love talking to myself. I love that picture your boys are adorable. before you know it Charlie will be potty trained he has Lou to help him learn to go outside

G said...

Wow look at Alex....he loves those puppies!!!!

sandie68 said...

That CANNOT be Alex!!! Guess it's been a while since we've shared pictures!