Thursday, June 25, 2009

KnK July Kit and remodel update!

Take a look at this kit from KnK!!! so many possibilities! the colors are awesome suitable for cooking layouts, recipe albums, patriotic layouts and sooo much more! Here are my first two creations with the kit!

Remodel is going well. We are almost ready to start painting in the final room!!!!!! Yippee! I am tired of drywall dust!!! installed the fireplace yesterday just need to do rock work around it! soon! Off to another Softball tournament this weekend!! it is supposed to be a scorcher.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Color me Happy

SO I was walking thru Hobby lobby a week or so ago and what do I find but COPIC Markers and they are on sale... Now I have heard all the rant about them and have been dieing to try them out!! so i picked up a few (like 10!!!!) then I went back and got a few more :D

Then my Stamps from Creativity Boutique came in!!! I happened to have an hour or so of free time .... new stamps + new markers+ free time = sounds like fate to me :D
And this is my result!!!!! not bad for a first try or so with the COPICS!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Remodel Update

Wahooo Phase 3 is well under way!!!!!!!!!!! we are down to the studs. Trying to decide if the staircase can be opened up safely since we are removing a nearby wall we don't want to lose any support for the upstairs flooring...anyways I thought I would offer up a few pics of the progress so far....I can't find the pre-starting pictures... this room was a 5th bedroom/family room/computer/tv room that the kids hung out in covered in paneling with plaster walls underneath.

The old doorway here leads in the the kitchen...Alex is checking out the progress on his soon to be new room.

This old door way was hidden in the wall (visible on the other side tho) was reopened to lead into Alex's closet.
Here is Alex in his partially painted room trying out his new big boy bed. No more toddler bed. Not to you all the red orange paint on the bottom took 4 coats of paint! after 2 coats of primer!!!!

Here is the border we picked out!!! It is marvel superheroes!!! all comic books! featuring all of Alex's Favorites!!! Spider Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Xmen etc!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

KNK June Kit Reveal

Here are some more creations I made with the June KNK kit. I really loved this kit and managed to sneak in some time for scrapping! Since my last update..I am now the mom of a incoming freshman YIKES! We are completely moved into our new bedroom. It still needs some decorations but we have bed, carpet, trim, curtains the rest is just icing..

We have now started the 3rd and final phase...the worst one...taking 2 rooms making them into one and right in the center of the house!