Tuesday, January 30, 2007


and had to go to a meeting out of town. which was ok cuz I got home early! But we get there and find out the President is coming to town. SO EVERY road to the hospital we were going to was blocked. For security reasons we had to find a way there that did not involve going over or under overpasses. Well in a downtown portion of a CIty that can be challenging.

While I was away it seems that the CSS boards were very active and the those PEPSI drinkers were causing trouble!!!!!!

PUPPY UPDATE: Charlie seems to be adapting well to our household and he and Lou are wrestling as I type. The funniest thing Charlie does right now is regularly de-pants Alex *SHOCK* he just grabs ahold of those flannel jammie pants and pulls! I haven't yet caught a picture of it! on our agenda for tonight is Volleyball practice, supper laundry and hopefully a little rest. Gotta wrap some b-day presents for Sarah who turns 10 on Friday! And Sunday we are having a bday party/superbowl party for the family! GO BEARS!!!!!!

Store Update: I know Carman and Marcie and Christi are working feverishly trying to get everything ready! I am trying to be patient. but I like ordering goodies! Soon! I did just get some Doodlebug Frills in the mail today and Can't wait to try those out! and another cuttlebug embossing folder! Still trying to figure out Keri's technique for inking those just right!

oh well until tomorrow................


Jeanyjo said...

Well I have NO idea what you are talking about Chris We were all WELL behaved today on CSS .. Glad to here Charlie is doing well, Sounds like you had an interesting day...... Well its bed time I will talk to you tomarrow

ole68_2000 said...

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