Sunday, June 08, 2008

We are Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always sad to see vacation end. but thinking Wisconsin wanted us out of there. the weather chased us all the way home. every time we went through a town within 15minutes or so a storm warning went up! Scariest moments were watching an anvil cloud out the window and praying we where going to by pass it!

the week was great. the fish were not biting that well :(. But we did come home with a few fish stories!!!!!! which I will share later once my vacation brain is back to normal...... but a quick summary... it involves sea monsters, alligators, cash, and getting our pics taken for the local paper :D


Deb said...

Welcome home!!!

croppin carla said...

WHOOO HOOO another blogger that I get to STALK.....JULES OTHER PARTNER IN CRIME......