Sunday, August 29, 2010

To my faithful readers

If there is anyone still out thanks for hanging around! been a long long month since I posted. Softball Season finally ended. All 3 kids had ball seasons that didn't seem to want to end. Meagan and Alex's teams kept winning in the tournaments. Meagan's team finishing 1st in Community Tournament and Alex's finishing 4th I think. Sarah's season was just a nightmare. Not going into details but lets just say parents should let the girls play and not create problems from the bleachers!

Meagan is now in her Sophomore year of high school and all the activities that come with that. While Sarah has started her 8th grade year and Alex his 2nd grade year.

The homecoming dress is bought! and is adorable!

Soccer season has started!!

Sarah attended softball tryouts for a different travel team and got the call yesterday! SHE MADE IT!!!!! looking forward to a better year! ( so yes softball season ended and began again all in one month)

lastly we have had 2 ER visits in last 2 weeks- one for me and one for Meagan! Praying that is not a trend that continues!!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow!!!

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