Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Color me Happy

SO I was walking thru Hobby lobby a week or so ago and what do I find but COPIC Markers and they are on sale... Now I have heard all the rant about them and have been dieing to try them out!! so i picked up a few (like 10!!!!) then I went back and got a few more :D

Then my Stamps from Creativity Boutique came in!!! I happened to have an hour or so of free time .... new stamps + new markers+ free time = sounds like fate to me :D
And this is my result!!!!! not bad for a first try or so with the COPICS!!


Theresa ~aka~ chattyscrapper said...

wow.. copics at HL?? that's great. must check it out. btw, that card is awesome. =)

Amy said...

That card is beautiful! What are copic markers?? LOL and do I need some? :)