Tuesday, March 03, 2009

happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. and it was a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of well wishes from friends and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful bouquet of flowers from hubby and girls! A birthday cake made and frosted by Alex (with grandma's help) and a birthday supper at Red Lobster!!!!!!!! and the camera I got last week! what more can a girl ask for!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for a great day!!! and 8 month caffiene free and 8 months healthier and weighing less :D I was celebrating this birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jules said...

You had an awesome day. And you deserve awesome, my friend!

Jenelle said...

Happy belated birthday Chris!!!!! Love what your doing with the Graphic45!

Theresa said...

happy belated birthday.. the cake looks yummy. I hope you had a great day.. Those Graphic 45 layouts are wonderful. I need to break out some of that paper..