Thursday, November 06, 2008

THe doctor was pleased:D

I on the other hand HATE HATE HATE their scales :( based on my home scale I have lost 30 lbs. according to his about 23 :( that is a huge difference! but oh well.... and the other thing my blood pressure was HIGH! no way it has been running low until that day.. no clue what is up with that. maybe something I ate! but the bestest news was the cholesterol!!!!!!!!! I went from 275 (way high) to 208 almost in normal range!!!! all the other "cholesterol" numbers adjusted accordingly too!!! so another 6 months of eating good and then another blood test!!!!! Once again I am so thankful that I got another chance to eat healthy.!!!!

in the scrappy news.... don't forget to take a look at Thankful Harvest Card Kit at KNK and Creativity Boutique... I think there are still a few left.... They are not thanksgiving cards (but could be used for that) but rather Thank You cards made with the Beautiful Loverly Collection from GCD Studios!!!!

AND Watch for Some of my Sketches to be featured in the December Scrapbook Sussies KIT!


Gina Hanson said...

That's great health news Chris . . . I never pay attention to the Dr.'s scales. Your cards are Beautiful!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Girl, keep up the good work, that is a LOT to be proud of.. maybe you were just a bit worked up over the difference in scales and that made the b/p rise a bit. Sounds like you are on the way to a healthier place so that is GRAND! Way to GO!!!