Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

7 years ago! We as a nation watched, prayed and cried together! I remember that morning. coming into work sick as I had recently started in a new position and had missed most of the week before taking care of Meagan when she was sick. I remember someone had the radio on and we quickly found a TV station. I remeber thinking how in the heck did a plane hit a huge building. within minutes I knew it was not a mistake. I was devasted. I went home sick that day (and stayed home for many days with a 105 temp). Days spent watching the TV. unable to sleep. I remember the "empty skies" looking up and not hearing a single plane over head. very eerie! I remeber the anthrax attacks that followed and from the first case new this was an attack! We were a nation a in fear! afraid to fly! afraid to open the mail. but we stood proud to be a nation! Hoping we never forget those who lost their lives that day or those who are fighting for our country now!


Staci said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. Take care. :-)

croppin carla said... was very sad to remember everything that happened yesterday, and I cant beleive that it has been as long as it has been, the memories are still so fresh in my mind.