Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look at this little hidden away treasure

The bird loved the flower basket that I bought MOM for mothers day! SO much so that they decided to make a nest in it :D Beautiful. I love finding little miracles of creation in the world around me!... Well tommorrow I leave for a day at CHA and finally get to meet Jules, Gerrianne, Pam, Kip, Barb and so many others!!!!!! Can't wait. I am only spending Friday there because I need to get home cause Saturday is the Jimmy Buffett concert!!!!!!!!!Can't wait. We take a huge bus up and enjoy the day. He is playing at alpine valley!!!!

ON a side note I am now two weeks being caffiene free and thinking I may have kicked that habit. Still trying to eat right and healthy and have even managed to drop a few pounds which makes me happy.!!!!! Have a great week in case you don't see me again til Monday :D


Noelia said...

Great page! Have fun in CHA!!!!

croppin carla said...

AWWWW Chris what a cute little treasure you found....that is a cute lay out.
My BFF is going o Jimmy Buffeet....LOL She has been asking me to go the past couple of years and I have always said Im house sitting her dogs saturday night. Lucky you get to meet Jules.....Im only going to be there Saturday.

Lily said...

what a gorgeous layout. I love when we are witness to the beauty of nature

Krissynae said...

What a great find. I hope they do well. Have fun at CHA

Zarah said...

Beautiful LO!

And WTG on kicking the caffeine habit! I need to follow your example, for sure.