Friday, April 04, 2008

Thinking Spring

Flowers aren't blooming yet here in Illinois but I am having fun creating flowers. This one was created using a layered technique featured in Scrapscene's Scrapping Spring E-book. I changed it a little bit in that I free style cut the flowers then replaced the center with a giant brad. THe papers you see here are from my latest CSS kit called Papa's Clubhouse. BOth the kit and Scrapscne's book made for an inspiring weekend :D
On the home front.... Jim came home with a bag load of fishing tackle and new fishing line and a new crappie pole! The family fishing trip is now less than 2 months away! The kids are so excited and so are we! I told a few Wisconsin friends that I hope all their snow is gone by then :D We are also hoping the trip is a little less adventurous than last year which included storms before we left, twisters, car fires (yes ours) and a new boat that would run.


Martha said...

Very cool flower Chris! Hey - You've been tagged! Visit my blog for details and have a great weekend!

Deb said...

Cool flower Chris! Sounds like you have a fun trip planned!