Saturday, March 01, 2008

March 1st

and that means a Reveal of the March CSS Kit. I got this kit and hoestly couldn't stop creating..

wow! and I am alwyas telling Carman I don't "do" pastels :D
I have also been tagged by Jen
7 random things about me....
1. I love Stephen King books and have then all in hardcovers (if they where released in Hardcovers)
2. I am and asthmatic
3. I love the color red
4. I am really very shy in unknown surroundings
5. I hate flying and am deathly afraid of heights
6. I got black roses yesterday
7. Im 3rd grade I wanted to be an archaeologist and loved reading about King Tut's Tomb!!!!
Now I tag.... Keri, Iris, Jules ( altho I still need to finsih her last tag of me), and Pam

1 comment:

iris said...

beautiful layouts! You don't do pastels? You did great here! Hey thanks for the tag. I enjoyed reading bout you, will do mine.