Saturday, September 15, 2007

well its been almost a week

so here is a brief summary

Monday: Big presentation at work went well except for my annoying dry hacky asthma cough! BUt had a great mail day from CSS

tuesday:Spent most of work day trying to find a speaker to replace one not coming for Wednesdays meeting we are hosting not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed: big hosted meeting went great!

Thursday Soccer game Meagan's team won

Friday: Bday party for neighbor

and today!!!!!!!! another soccer game and its only 37 out right now brrrrrrr!

then gonna play with that CSS package!

heres what i got..... the new 7 gypsies interchangeable stamps dont they look sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also bought a set to interchange them with :) and some Fancy Pants True so i plan to play this weekend!!!!!!!!!

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