Saturday, May 26, 2007

a whole week since I blogged

What have I been doing???? feverishly getting ready for vacation :D . We leave in one week. so this week we have been cleaning and planning and starting to organize what we need. and bought a new boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 24 foot pantoon boat! Gas mileage is gonna suck but the boat has earned the nickname "Pozzi's Party Barge" amongst my friends at work! I dont have a picture yet because Jim drove it straight to the cover maker to get a custom cover made for it.
Of COurse one of our night this week was spent buying boat supplies. Plus Softball games! but this weekend is relatively free-unless of course you count sleepovers, picnics, softball practice, a 40th Birthday party for my hubby and packing and groceries! but I am going to scrap! for me! all the design team projects for June are done! no July kit yet, but a brand new box of goodies to play with! Upsy Daisy which I have been waiting for like forever, new scribble scrabble, new queen and company. I have some nature photos I want to scrap... and some kid photos and who know what else!

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