Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A little behind

in the blog world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots going on softball practices, track meets and just plain everyday life seem to be interfering. but lots going on.. Dont forget Donna Downey is coming to the Shack on April 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be sure to join us!

And our first crop JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE will be held on May 5th. there will be lots of prizes and fun and a chat with Ana Cabrera !

and on the home front. Sarah had a followup DR appointment today. She is on the mend and is breathing well. and we begin an asthma management program. Dr. warned me thought she is ATOPIC - which means i guess highly sensitive to allergens and they can cause whole body responses. She has severe eczema, allergies, and asthma. poor girl! but she is looking well today so thats good!

Got a package in the mail today. Goodies I ordered from CSS plus some secret DT stuff for may!!!!!!!!!!! hurry up weekend get here so i can play!

Regarding Virginia Tech
My heart and prayers go out to all the families and friends affected! What a horrific thing. My heart aches for them.


sandie68 said...

Sorry to hear Sarah is having such a rough time!

Alex's asthma is finally under control. He did Advair 500/50 for 3 months then dropped down to 100/50. So good. We have an appointment with his pedi pulmonologist next week.

If you are interested in a homeopathic treatment for allergies, email me. Remember how bad Jenna's eyes were? Well, no more.

Feel better soon Sarah!

Carman said...

Sarah so happy that you are on the raod to getting back to 100%. You had us all so worried. Hugs to you and family!

Terrie said...

Chris, so glad to hear that Sarah is doing better and that you are working with her daughter to keep things buttoned up on the asthma front. Can't wait for the crop at CSS! wheeeeeeeeee!!!! =)

scrapnnMO said...

Hi Chris!

Awesome blog girlie! I definitely be coming over more. Love your newest sketch!

& you've also been tagged by me! lol

come on over to my blog all the same ! lol