Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

This week in January we have 3 birthdays- my sister's, my mom's(today), and my niece's tomorrow. Then Sarah 's is next week! busy busy busy! Anyway, its THURSDAY, which means it one day closer to Friday and 1 day closer to the weekend. I am so dying to scrap. I have 5-6 layouts swirling around in my mind! Pics are printed, journaling is done-just need some time! and WOW Carman's Site is getting close and you all are gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to share the name and site addy with ya. but my mouth and typing fingers have been bound (by myself) with duct tape. all I can tell you is you Won't be Disappointed! well Meagan has another game tonite they are undefeated. I am hoping it stays that way. they are playing a bigger school tonight! I will try and post some pics this weekend. well I am gonna wake the kiddies and frost a cake and then leave for work!

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Jeanyjo said...

You turd LOL Well I can understand the gag order but sheesh LOLOLOL... well at least we dont have much longer to wait for carman to open things up...... Well Happy birthday to your MOM Have a great day and keep those layouts twirling cant wait to see them LOL.