Thursday, January 18, 2007


very busy at work today. Two meetings so far, auditors are here and lots of my staff are at a conference or sick. but thankfully a normal night at home. Only one after school activity (Sarah has Girl Scouts) and she just stays after school and I pick her up when I get back into town from work. So my dilema do I cook supper or order pizza??? Looking forward to the weekend so I can scrap and maybe organize a little bit. My scrap area needs a good purging but I don't have the heart to do it. Gonna have allow dds to play with some of my stuff! Working on my DT bio. and pic (YUCK!) I hate pictures of me. But have a few I can convert to Black and White and we will see. Need to make or buy 3 birthday cards for next week. And I need to plan Sarah's 10th birthday party. sadly her birhtday weekend is not only Super Bowl Sunday but also her sisters volleyball tournament, so gotta find a date..did a few sketches while I was in my meeting at work this am to keep from falling asleep. Is there a program out there that people use to do these sketches??? anyone ?anyone? well thats all for now my stomach is growling and ready for lunch


Jeanyjo said...

LOL Dont you love those "boring" days at work heheh Well I am with ya I have trouble getting rid of my stuff too..... Well I hope you got your Bio done and picture picked out...... again I am on cloud nine with you girl, I cant wait to see your name up in the lights :) BTW I posted on your last 3 posts heheh I had to catch up

Carman said...

Chris...Sketches are drawn using powerpoint in word. Very easy to do. Have a great day.