Friday, December 31, 2010


Sarah tried out for her school musical as she has for the last two years. She has been trying for a larger role every year! (that girl has drive!)
Well she originally wanted to be Lumineire or Mrs. Potts. I convinced her to try out for all female parts just to show she was willing to sing any part (and that girl loves to sing!)

WELL she will be playing BELLE!!!!!! my baby girl will be BELLE!

and Meagan not wanting to be outshined has been working extra hard at her dance/kick squad for her high school and made the gold team 2 times in a row. They have to try out for each performance! and for being only about 5-2 she has one of the highest kicks on the team!!!!!


Kip said...

What a drive!! A huge congrats to her!!!

Laura said...

That is awesome Chris! Congrats to your DD.

Roz said...

wow--wish I could be there to see the play! I am sure she will be awesome!