Sunday, December 20, 2009

HI I am still here

This is where I have been. Sick kids abound at my house. This all started the first week of November. Alex was down for a week which they determined was an immune response to his H1N1 shot. Then the dog hurt his back and became paralyzed. Then Sarah caught the stomach "flu" although it didn't act like any stomach "flu" I have seen. Her GI system got all inflamed and she couldn't keep anything down. eventually she was able to move onto bread and chicken broth. Of course SHE HATES BOTH OF THOSE!!! We eventually got her all cured only to have Meagan catch the flu! 12-13 days of fever. (which just finally broke Friday!) Missing 10 days of school including finals! A special thank you to all her teachers and her guidance counselor for helping us get all those rescheduled and figured out! Meagan did end up with bronchitis. I have never seen her so sick. I am thankful she got the shot because I really hate to think what the outcome could have been otherwise....... Wait there is more .....My grandpa was in the hospital during that time and now Alex has strep! To which once I heard the news at the doctor's office I started cheering. They thought I was a little odd but hey...strep is easily cured ..a dose or two of antibiotics and he will be good as new in time for Christmas!

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Kip said...

don't take this wrong but I'm glad I'm not part of your family this winter, lol!!!