Friday, March 27, 2009

Musicals, coughs and remodeling oh my!

Where have I been for a week???? Well post vacation laundry and house catch up cleaning to start. Add a dash of 2 daughters with roles in the school musical and 3 performances, with me along to do their makeup :D and even made up a few of their friends. Add a nasty cold for 3 family members (four if you count my mom- who also watches Alex before and after school) and you get one busy family.

AND (isn't there there always an AND???) we and now getting ready to start a major remodeling project on the in ripping out plaster, changing doorways, knocking out walls in 4 rooms on the main floor! So I am trying to pack up rooms one by one as we can only do one room at a time since we will be bedroom swapping during this process too.

The result is I need a scrappy break :D cross your fingers I get one this weekend :D

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