Thursday, October 23, 2008

High School!

HIGH SCHOOL?????!!!!!!?????!!!!!
My baby girl is going to High School!! Amazing!! we had the meet and greet at the high school last night. Yep its only October and already its meet and greet!!! Besides that fact she swears she is gonna get lost..I think she will do fine! She was very mesmerized by the art room! She could have stayed in their all night. But then again she comes from a long line of artists on my side and her dad is an artist too!!!

On a scrappy note, I am so happy that my card kits are selling well! there are still one or two left of each so if you want one you might want to get one. Each comes with very detailed instructions so that even a beginner could do them, while veteran scrappers will still have fun! There are instructions for 6-7 cards in each kit, and plenty of suppliesw to make extra cards!!!! Don't miss out :D

Kit N Kaboodle members can purchase them at KNK while non members can purcahse them at out sister site Creativity Boutique

here are the pics again


Thankful Harvest

If you already have one I would love to hear your comments on the kits.. Suggestions etc :D

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