Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WHERE am I most days/evenings

Lately I am spending my time in the pool. I come home after work, make supper and into the pool we go! SO relaxing. I did manage a little card making over the weekend but the POOL kept calling my name....Chris.......Chris.....Chris..... so i answered :D I was working when they installed the pool so my daughters took pictures for me.. (they take less blurry pictures than my hubby :D ) but looking over the pictures I can tell they are teenagers and a pre-teenagers. there seem to be a few too many pictures of the young men installing the pool.

I go for a follow Doctor appointment on Thursday. and I am still caffeine free and still eating right!!!!!! so hoping the Doctor is happy with me. My clothes are getting loose. if I meet my goal, When i meet my goal I will need to do some shopping!


Keri Lee Sereika said...

OHHH Can I come spend my days there too?? Looks like fun!

croppin carla said...

Pool looks nice.....my mom and dads is above gorund like that but its oval 18x15....LOVE to lounge in there on the weekends when the weather is nice......glad you enjoy it.

Jules said...

that pool looks divine! enjoy