Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ok I am updating!!!!

Sorry life seems to be interfering with my blogging!!!! SO what have I been doing??? 1st I read a book! been awhile!! Plague Maker By Tim Downs! a book about a mad scientist of sorts using plague to kill people! GOOD BOOK!!!

Also been playing with my Design Studio for my cricut!!!!! love it!!!!

We are still working on our DT call at CSS!!

As far as other things. I pulled something in my back and that was very uncomfortable! was worried I wouldnt be able to scrap But I was. I created this cute card :D


Carol A. said...

The card looks great Chris..and I sure hope that back doesn't give you any more trouble!

Martha said...

You updated! And for that you get this - You've been Tagged! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers. Go to my blog for the details: http://4thsista.blogspot.com/