Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am really have fun making Christmas Goodies

I saw one of these in the gallery at 2 peas last year and decided to make my own version in RED! so fun! and easy. but not cheap. button and pins !!! lots of them! but I love my little red tree! Been busy trying to think of good holiday gifts. Also we are getting ready for thanksgiving. 6 pies to make!!!! and a cranberry dessert....
YUMMY and I get to cook Supper for my inlaws! Today started as most of morning lately doing sharing a cup of coffee with my morning pal JULES! nothing like having coffee with a pal even in cyber space! I am trying hard to keep this !@#$ blog updated but but life somehow keeps getting in the way! I will try to post a new picture tomorrow. I bought the cutest purse to alter at HL on Monday! so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carman said...

Absolutely beautiful!