Friday, September 07, 2007

Another Fat lip and a trip to the ER

Ok evidentaly Spiderman aka alex wasnt happy enough splitting his bottom lip last weekend. He decided to do a spideyman flip into the coffee table and needed 2 stiches inside his upper lip! of course the ER got a big kick out of treating a kid still in his spiderman outfit! I think I have convinced him to stop the webslinging in the house! He has had such a week! On Wednesday he started preschool!

look at him all cute. He even made a friend ! A girl friend! He was a little upset that the doctor didnt want him to go to preschool today with his lip. and mumbled something about not being able to KISS that girl! BOYS!!!!!!!! I mean he is only 4!


Stephanie said...

Wow, sounds like he has had a busy week! Hope he is feeling better soon!

toners said...

Yikes, I hope he feels better very soon! And glad that the start of school went well :)

Rachael said...

Poor guy!!

He is such a cutie!! Glad school went well!!