Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My baby is going to preschool

i have been in denial all summer long. even put off filling out the paperwork til this am since it was due tonight at meet the teacher. ughh i am not ready for him to grow up. i know he will enjoy it but still he is my baby. my last one.. next step college ok kindergarten first but then.... and the Meagan dog gone her is is 7th grade already! I am thinking we should lock her away til she is older! then of course sarah is right behind her. wahhhhhh. i dont want them to grow up yet I want them to grow up lol. just feeling a little down about time flying today! maybe its the fact that summer is almost over. or school starting or that it is almost september 2007! wasnt it just 1999?????? or 1991??? maybe it just one of those days.

but i am hoping for some quality scrap time this weekend. if we dont end up helping clean up my parents house after the flooding. unbelievable how many people are affected by this!!!!!!!!!! the whole county! making work very busy! so what is up where u are???

did u know that CSS had a big sale that ended yesterday. of course I ordered again. :D needed just a few more supplies since mine were nice and organized now :D . Also almost september 1 which means a new CSS contest, and a new Dt reveal! wait to you see what we have for you!!!!!!!!!

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EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) I totally empathize with you right now! My youngest is four and a half and every so often I get a little down myself thinking about how it seemed like only yesterday he was a tiny baby. I even blogged a few days ago a bit about how time seems to be flying by. *sigh*