Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Clean Desk is a sign of a Sick Mind

ok i have never been the type of person that has a clean organized desk! never!!!!!!!!!!!!! still not me. I had the sign above my desk in college....A CLEAN DESK IS THE SIGN OF A SICK MIND.... But I can always find what i need when i need it. and others come to me to help them find things on their desk.. so my scrap area is not neat either. but tis kinda organized... But i buy faster than I use!!!!!!!! so with the rains Jim decided to clean out the basement... sorting for a yard sale. *shudder* all that's left is my is a work in progress and right now i couldn't scrap if i wanted too WAHHHHHH!!!!!! but hopefully by the end of today It will be cleaned and organized more. I keep trying to organize a RAK box by some little hands keep stealing it and adding it to their supplies.. but it was hard cause as I put the supplies in their rightful place i wanted to play with them, buttons, flowers,stamps.... i think i know what will be on some of my next layouts..

So how is your desk????

any organizing tips???? please share??


Pam said...

LOL Poor You I dont envy you at all. But sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do huh..... My desk stays fairly organized but it does get messy!! I have a huge area so its easier to keep things organized.... When our basement flooded from the rains back in July thats when I became "organized" Good luck cant wait to see the pics ( YOU ARE TAKIN PICS RIGHT?)

Fletch said...

LOVE LOVE the stick figure in your header!!!!!