Sunday, July 22, 2007

My poor neglected BLog

Been a little while huh. Well All Stars is done! The team lost there 2 games in the district so they are done. SO we decided we would take the pantoon boat out to the river and had a GORGEOUS day! weather was perfect! water was calm! grilled out on the beach with some friends! kids dug for clams! SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! This weekend We are throwing an anniversary party for my parents 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing ! what a year---- my inlaws 40th wedding anniversary, my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!, my MIL turned 60, Jim turned 40, my parent anniversary and then MEagan will be 13 this years YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finally getting to scrap a little......
and looky at my Backyard!

I promise i will try to be a little better at the blog.....

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P.S. Thanks for wishing DD a H. Bday....she loved it!