Sunday, June 10, 2007

No i did fall off the face of the earth!

I went on vacation. and life got so hectic before i forgot to post! THE NIGHT BEFORE WE LEFT WE GOT A HUGE STORM AND LOTS of storm damage in the neighborhood so spent lots of time chain sawing up trees for the neighbors..... We left on June 2nd and had and eventful time.... check it out.... we caught lots of fish! YUMMY!

I am home now so how about a new map to play with......

this is my June Island Map for CSS
and here is what i did with it with product from our yummy sponsor 3 bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so what cha think??????????????let me know!


Terrie said...

love the new map, girl, and so glad you all had such fun adventures on your vacation!!!

Amanda L. said...

Love the sketch....glad you're back from vacation.....and YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!

Amanda L. said...

Oops...I forgot...check it out on my blog-