Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Asthmas SUCKS!

SUnday started out normal....but she was really coughing in church..(saturady she had been wheezy and wanting the nebulizer treatment instead of her inhaler) we gave her a treatment when we got home from church.. 2 hour later she was wanting/needing another (not good! supposed to be every 4 hours-but we know from past experience we can do every 2 hours if needed), 2 hours later low temp (99.1) and more treatment. and by 2 hours she is really struggling. (this was a bad sign and we were starting to recognize it! so treatment and a shower. within an hour she was crying for another and really struggling (not good needing it at shorter frequencies is a huge red flag for asthmatics) so we gave her a treatment and paged doctor. They wanted her checked out and a chest xray. so 5:30ish sunday night off to ER (after finding someone for alex/ meagan.)
in ER (first time) chest xray, oxygen, steroids.(big dose)....with oxygen she is doing well. xrays show bronchitis(but no pnemonia) so they give us prescriptions for steroids, and antibiotics (to help prevent pneumonia from settling in). So home we go (7:30 ish)-pick up alex drop alex, dh, and sarah off at home (meagan was at a neighbors), dh handles supper I head to pharmacy
I check in 2x at pharmacy all seems well. I literally walk in door at 810 ish and dh tells me I might as well take her back. she is really struggling. SO I give her a treatment and call ER to check with dr. He said if she is that uncomfortable then she might need oxygen and they would admit her. within 1/2 hour of treatment she is still struggling....soo I pack her and me up (DH is goona sit with meagan and alex) and back to er! See all the same respiratory people( they just smiel and nod). within 10minutes on oxygen she is feeling better, oxygen levels are back up to a safer level, her heart is racing and setting off monitors but thats normal with the treatments..finally get up to her room about 1030ish and get all settled in by 11pm..
Rough night as they were in constantly checking on her and waking us up!
Monday was ok, shes a little bored, can't be off oxygen for any lenthg of time cause her oxygen levels fall to low. She starts having nosebleeds from the oxygen drying out her nose. (not bad just frustrating) . Lots of visitors to keep her occupied! Not really expecting to go home when she can't get off oxygen.. they finally try taking her off monday night...her levels do good for about 15 minutes then start to fall and they wont let her sleep without it! (oxygen levels naturally fall during sleep anyway)Much better night sleep still waking us up. but Not as worried about her so better sleeping.
tUESDAY SHE WAKES ME UP AT 5:15 moM, MOm I can't sleep, sooo I go get a cup of coffee and we try to find something to do..TV sucks (not much for kids lol) we entertain her hoping to get off oxygen today. DR comes in and starts talking going home if she can get off oxygen. he takes her off, keeps checking her she is keeping the levels up! YeahGood news! Sarah is really coughing tho! He(dr) listens again and looks concerned!----OHOH! Wants another chest xray. worried she may have pneumonia! (what!!!!!!!!) but she is stilling doing ok without oxygen. SO the being able to go home rests solely on the results of the xray -if bad more intense treatments and IVS-if xray at 930
LONG DAY emotional day for srah and me! not knowing! noon we here that xrays are back and they are faxing to doctor......rumor is might be heading home.... hours tick by nothing from doctor! sarah does happen to sleep for 2.5 hours (yeah!) 5:30 they page doctor again cause nothing.....
dh brings meagan and alex up.. everyon still waiting! finally 7:30 DH takes kids home. Sarah is crying because she can't go! (I am crying a little too--long day) I just get her calmed and they show up with a wheel chair and say can go home ... She calls daddy (they are literally walking in the door since we live 5 minutes (6blocks from hospitla) . We pack up and are out in 15 minutes (ever want to see how fast a tren yo can get dressedd :D) so we are home! still lots of medicines, treatments still every 4 hours but she is happier and so am i :)

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ker said...

Oh my word Chris....I am so glad she is ok and FINALLY HOME!!! Hang in there!